dar / darMP

Digital artist - she/her

You can call me Dar or DarMP. I’m a self-taught Filipino digital artist based in the Philippines. I draw illustrations and characters though I specialize in non-human character design and I am eager to learn more about the subject.

Frequently asked questions

What program/s do you use?
Clip Studio Paint for iOS and desktop. I sometimes use Procreate.
What tools/devices do you use?
iPad Pro 12.9” (2020 model)
Apple Pencil (2nd gen)
8BitDo Zero 2 for CSP iOS shortcuts
Aoiktye for Procreate shortcuts
XP-Pen Artist 22 (2nd gen)
Tourbox Elite for CSP desktop shortcuts
What brushes do you use?
I cannot recall which packs my brushes come from. I will someday get back to this.
Can I repost your art in (platform)?
If I am not in that platform or the art is not upload in that platform, sure, but give credit and do not crop or edit out my signature. Otherwise, just retweet or reblog my post.
Can I use your art as my profile picture or header?
Sure, just add credit.


For inquiries, you can contact me through my email:
[email protected]
You can find me on the following platforms:
Instagram (rarely active)
Tumblr (semi active)
You can also support me on:
Ko-fi (tip jar)


Status: CLOSED

Please read the Terms of Service before applying for a commission request.Currency is in USD.


Full Body: 65
Additional Character/s: 50


Full BodyHalf Body
Add. Char.7050

White/Single color/Transparent/Gradient: no charge
Partial BG: starts at 35
Full BG: starts at 55


Full Body (Flat)Half Body (Flat)Full Body (Shaded)Half Body (Shaded)
Add Char.70509065

White/Single color/Transparent/Gradient: no charge
Partial BG: starts at 35
Full BG: starts at 55


Full BodyHalf Body
Add. Char.12090

White/Single color/Transparent/Gradient: no charge
Partial BG: starts at 35
Full BG: starts at 55


Lined w/ minimal shadingColored

NOTE: only 1-2 different characters per page
Includes 4 full bodies, 3-4 bust/waist, chibi heads to fill space

Terms of service


1. I reserve the right to reject a commission request for any reason.
2. I reserve the right to discontinue a commission at any time for the following reasons:

  • Unpleasant behavior

  • Excessive progress inquiry

  • Lack of communication

  • Arguing over prices

  • Excessive minor and major edits beyond draft and rough sketch

  • Request is outside of what I’m willing to draw

3. I reserve the right to post finished commissions and WIPs publicly or on my Patreon. Finished pieces will have a watermark. Clients can inform me if they wish for the commission to not be posted at all or at a later date. Clients are free to post the art they commissioned with or without the watermark publicly but with credit.
4. Commissions are for personal use only. Personal use includes using the art as a profile picture, header, non-merchandise print, and reposting online. Commercial use prices are still something I shall figure out in the future. Commissioning me for NFT purposes of any kind, whether it be a promo or the NFT itself is strictly prohibited.



  • Furry (anthro or feral)

  • Monsters/creatures

  • Human

  • Fanart

  • OC (will require you to ask permission from OC owner if the OC isn’t yours)


  • Suggestive/NSFW

  • Excessive gore

  • Complex machinery (vehicles, robots, etc.)

  • Real people (styled or realism)

  • Problematic themes (racism, colorism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.)

1. While I am able to draw different kinds of subjects, please know of my strengths and weaknesses. My prices are not fixed and will have additional fees depending on the complexity of the commission. Things that will warrant additional fees are lack of reference, design (complex clothing, pattern, multiple limbs, complex wings), props (weapons, furniture), complex backgrounds (inside a forest, cityscape, indoors), and major edits (see Process section no. 4). There are limits to what I can do and if I feel that the commission is outside of my skill, I will cancel the commission.
2. Please be reminded that you are commissioning me for my art and my style. I will reject commission requests that require me to imitate another style outside my own.


1. All payments are in USD currency and via Paypal invoice. GCash is also an available option.
2. Clients will be given a quote before I begin working on the drafts. The price may change during and after the drafts however if I feel the commission will take less or more time than initially thought.
2. For commissions priced less than 100 USD, payment must be paid in full after draft approval.
3. For commissions priced 100 USD and above, 50% downpayment is required after draft approval and must be paid within 48 hours else the commission will be discontinued. The remaining balance must be paid at any time before the final progress update which I will notify.
4. YCH commissions must be paid in full before I start doing the detailed sketch.
5. Refunds vary depending on the progress and type of commission:

  • Drafts (for all commission types) - Full refund though you will be warned and repeat offense will result in a blacklist.

  • YCH - No refunds once I begin working on the sketch.

  • Sketch - No refunds once I begin working past draft approval.

  • Sketch colored - 20% refund of total price during or after the sketching process. No refunds beyond that.

  • Lined colored - 20% refund of total price during or after the sketching process. No refunds beyond that.

  • Full render - 20% refund of total price before base coloring. No refunds beyond that.

  • Page - 15% refund of total price before detailed/clean sketch. No refunds beyond that.


1. After accepting the commission request, I will make 2 or more drafts depending on the information you provided. Changes are welcome and encouraged and after the pose/thumbnail is chosen and approved, the invoice will be sent.
2. My medium of communication is via discord (its_darMP#1105) or email ([email protected]). I no longer use Twitter DMs for risk of banning due to my account not being able to add a phone number. Until the risk is lifted, discord and/or email will be preferred.
3. You are welcome to ask me for updates once every 2 weeks if I have not contacted you. Depending on how large my workload is, commissions and outside of that, I may not be able to make progress on every commission I have in a week, which may include yours, so I ask for your understanding. If the commission is time sensitive but no shorter than 4 weeks, please let me know and see if we can work it out.
4. I will update you on multiple stages of the commission and you may ask for changes for free depending on the stage the commission is in. Minor edits are revisions that can be done under 15 minutes. Please communicate all the changes needed to be pointed out at appropriate stages else you will be charged additional fees or I cancel the commission.

  • Draft - free minor and major edits within the draft/description on the form are allowed for a limited number of times.

  • Rough sketch - free minor and major edits within the approved draft are allowed for a limited number of times.

  • Detailed sketch - free minor edits are allowed. Major edits will be charged.

  • Linework - free minor edits are allowed. Major edits will be charged.

  • Base colors - free edits on the colors are allowed, especially if I got them wrong.

  • Rough color test (for BGs) - free edits on the colors are allowed.

  • Shading, and rendering - free minor edits on details I got wrong are allowed. Major edits will be charged.

5. Clients can use unused poses during the draft period if they wish, given that the commission has already been paid for full or partial.
6. Clients who back out after the draft period will be given a warning and if they repeat again, they will be blacklisted.
7. Clients can color sketch and page commissions but are not allowed to paint over them.
8. Clients who edit out my signature in commissioned pieces will be blacklisted.
9. The use of any AI program to color and finish sketch commissions or modify any commission is prohibited and will be blacklisted.
10. The commission will be drawn on an A4 size canvas (4677x3307 px) with 400 dpi and RGB. You may request for a custom size. I cannot work on CYMK since I work on Clip Studio Paint.
11. Finished pieces will be uploaded on Google Drive and will be linked to you via email or Discord. If our communication is via email, I will attach the finished piece. I rarely delete full resolution versions on my iPad and flash drives so if you lost the link or the file, kindly send me a message. However if 6 months has passed since the completion and submission of the commission and I happen to not have the full resolution version anymore, I will not be held accountable if you have also lost the file.
Terms of Service may subject to change at any time in between batches.
Last edited: March 11, 2024